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Our Training philosophy:
“become the center of your dog universe true relationship, leadership  love and trust ”

Big majority of unwanted canine behaviors are created by their own owners, unintentionally due to missing links in communication between the two and i am here to teach you how to "read" your dog better and make the relationship with your dog easy and fun. Each dog is an individual just like us humans are, each have their own struggles and fears, talents and capabilities and my job is to expose those qualities and differences and build a personal program for each team to better their relationship. 

Boarding &training

Boarding & Training program is a customized boot-camp type of training for your dog and later for you as well.  In this program, your dog will spend the majority of their day under Sharon's observation, getting several training sessions a day, going on training trips in public places, be around our own pack learning proper canine social skills - your dog behaviors will get addressed in real time while real life happening. 

Programs we offer:

* Good manners pet obedience & impulse control

* Problem solving

* Puppy proper foundation

* Confidence building

* Behavior Modification & Rehabilitation

* Competition imprinting & titling

* Aggression management

Private sessions

Sharon's private training sessions are full of valuable information that goes far above of just teaching a dog specific task. She assets the relationship between the canine and their handler and provides individual  game plan and management for each team beyond just lessons. Many times unwanted behaviors carry weight from at home improper management of the specific dog and in her lessons, Sharon provides thorough evaluation and advice in all aspects of dog life.

From pet obedience to variety of sports, behavior modification and problem solving, with over 25 years of training dogs and other animals, Sharon have a lot of experience in many venues of dog training and skilled in different techniques.

Private sessions are by appointment only

Cost - $150 (1 hour)

Cost  of session at your house - $150 plus travel cost, depends on your location

Phone consultations & zoom

Phone consultations and zoom lessons are great method to receive professional evaluation, advising and training for those who located far away as well to discuss individual needs and built individual management program based on your dog needs and your lifestyle. We have many happy clients from "over the ocean" who's been very successful training their dogs using this service.

Cost - $150 (1 hour)

Day care
day care with training

Ivy League Kennel have a small, private,  Day Care on our 3 acre farmette. Day Care have great benefits for keeping peace at home during the busy week days - your dog will get plenty mental and physical exercise and go back home calmer and fulfilled.  Dogs play in a supervised group, matched by their temperaments, ages and sizes from 8:00 am – 7:00 pm. We have farm animals on the property dogs gets exposed to and we provide daily manners and obedience training as add on to Day Care activities - it can be teaching your dog a new skill, reinforcing and polishing already known skills or problem solving. Please reach out so we can discuss your and your dog needs and build an individual program 

Day Care 1 day pass - $40

10 day pass - $350

Add On 2 Training sessions - $30

Add On off site (in public) session -$30

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