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   Big or small
we love them all!
Our Boarding philosophy:

      “Let dogs be dogs.”

Ivy League Kennel LLC is professional canine trainer locally owned business that operates on our 3-acre farmette.   We believe traditional dog boarding facilities where dogs spend most (if not all) of their day in their crates and left overnight is not for every dog. At Ivy League Kennel, our moto is "Good dog is a tired dog" and we incorporate as many play time and daily activities as dog can handle so when they come inside they fall to rest happily.  Being professional  trainers allows us to match temperaments and dogs specifics for play times. 

2 types of boarding available for our clients: With day care (letting your dog play with others) and without if your dog is not capable for one or another reason or simply you wish your dog not to interact with others. 

We specialize in behavioral rehabilitation and can incorporate rehab activities into your dog’s daily boarding routine; examples of focus areas include fear-based behavior, or behavioral aggression rehabilitation. When you book your appointment, please let us know if there are any behaviors you would like addressed, and we can discuss a plan for success!


      BOARDING @ 


We are boutique boarding - we take in small amount of dogs to be able provide 24/7 best care possible with unlimited engagement with your dog (we care for them like there our own)

We have 2 programs:

Regular, $75 per day - 2 daily play times with other dogs and/or walks included (time adjusted according to dog needs)

VIP, $125 per day - added daily professional training sessions, socialization, hiking, going to the beach, swimming, public outings, unlimited play time with both dogs and trainers, cuddling. 

*All day access to outdoors

*Oversized spacious kennels

*Farmette relaxing set up

*High Quality professional food

*Owners (professional trainers) on premises 24/7

*Security cameras

*Air controlled space

We also have Magnavawe therapist here once a week - amazing way to help your dog feel better (ask us about it, we will be happy to explain how it works)


FULL BATH - shampoo and lanolin, blow dry, brush, nails cut and dremeled, ears clean, teeth brushed, anal glands

Short coated dogs - $75

Large dogs and medium coat - $100

NAILS ONLY - $25 (Dremel)

FULL GROOMING with HAIRCUTS prices depend of type of cut and hair. 


We have two professional groomers to pamper up your dog. Can be paired with day care activity as well - get your dog tired and clean! A win win! 

our Daily routine and where you dog will sleep

Our day starts at 6:00 am, taking all dogs out for morning potty first. Because we recognize all dogs are different, so are their routines! Some will go in small groups into a play area, some are leash walked, then we make sure all dogs get plenty exercise matched to their individual needs. Some will play with others, some go for walks with Jamie, some will do obedience training with Sharon (VIP boarders). All activities are discussed with owners ahead of time and done per owners request and agreement.

We have free ranging chickens, sheep and goats, which has proved fantastic for our "city dog" clients, as it creates a more relaxed farm-like atmosphere, while providing them great exposure to animals and sounds they may not normally encounter.

Our climate-controlled sleeping quarters are spacious and include nature sounds (waterfall and birds singing) for dogs, both of which been proven to ease stress and anxiety. Our place is unique and different from the majority of boarding facilities - we live here! Since it is first and foremost our home, dogs are never left unattended overnight, and our whole property is under security surveillance. We dedicate our lives to dogs: we spend our days playing, training, grooming and taking care of dogs -- while providing guidance and feedback to their owners.

 We try to update owners with videos and pictures when time allows us. Between 9pm to 10 pm we say our good nights! :)

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