We believe that's traditional boarding facility where is the dog spend most of his time in the cage NOT FOR EVERY DOG. We also believe in good dog is tired dog:)

Based on that, we like to provide dogs as much activities as possible outside so when they do come inside they are simply tired and go to sleep. Dogs get as much play time with each other as they wish, we match them by temperament and size in small groups to play in outdoor runs, we take them out for walk on the leash, hiking in our woods around the property when weather permits. On the rainy days, when walking not possible and its not fun to play outside we do little obedience with them inside to get their brain rolling and get them tired this way:)


Daily routine:

The day starts at 7:30 am with walking the dogs and exercising each dog according to his/hers needs, from 20-30 minutes to hour - hour and a half and in the evening te walks are between 5pm and 8pm. However they can go out to a  fenced back yard at anytime of the day as they wish.

Dogs will rest an hour after a walk and/or exercise then they will get fed twice a day.

After they take their beauty nap after morning feeding, we take them out and then play inside, groom (cleaning, brushing and nail clipping if requested),wellness exam them and teach them some good manners if needed (See                                       page)


We specialize in different rehabilitations physical or mental-let us know if you dog have separation anxiety, scared of certain things or have aggression towards anything or if you have any other concern about your dog behavior-we will help you.

Special high maintaince dogs like senior arthritic dogs or puppies are welcome! We also have veterinarian acupuncture specialist working with us

HEAVY WEIGHT DOGS-If you have a heavy weight dog and like to get it fit and drop some pounds to make life happier and easier for him/her-then you are at the right place!!



We are dedicated to keeping your pets happy and comfortable.

We require all dogs that visiting our place to have current rabies at list, highly suggesting Flu and Bordatella shots also. Although by law, all that dog must have is rabies, we are small home based boarding and because we are also breeders, we are very careful to bring only healthy dogs to our place.


We charge one fee for all the regular activities (Not include training and special cervices).We WILL NOT charge you additional fees for walks and extra love! Rates based on the dog size:

XSmall (up to 15 pounds) -25$ per day or any part of the day

Small (15 to 40 pounds) -30$ per day or any part of the day

Meddium (40 to 80 pounds) -40$ per day or any part of the day

Large (over 80 pounds) -50$ per day or any part of the day

Since we let dogs play a lot together (will be kept separately if requested), dogs do get dirty and we don't like to send dirty dogs home. Your dog may get bathed (full bath, blow dry, nails trimmed, ears and teeth cleaned) before going home (Bath prices are between $40-$60 depends on dog size and hair).


Drop off hours for boarding are anytime, just let us know what time are you planning to drop your dog off.

Pick up hours up to 6 pm, late pick up will be charged extra 15$




                                            - 25$ for day full of play and socialization

                                               and 15$ for half day


   *** We accept cash, checks and paypal at this time.




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