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Here at Ivy League Kennel we been feeding Inukshuk high quality food to all our dogs, young and old, hard working performance dogs and companion dogs alike for many years and with great success. Including our puppies owners and other customers we now have over 200 happy healthy dogs fed this brand so we do have great statistics comparing to any other brand and it is trully the best out there!


We offer "cash & carry" sales and always have available Marine 30/25 ($70), Marine 25/16 ($70) formulas as well all other formulas can be individually ordered for you. To pick up by appointment only, please txt or email us.

Some delivery may be available, feel free to ask

*This professional brand NOT sold in the stores!

*Inukshuk never had recall!

*You will feed a lot less than any other brand, have much better results and save money!


Another thing we use and highly recommend is KURANDA aluminum bed

  • Patented, chew proof, high strength, lightweight aircraft grade aluminum frames.

  • Easy to clean, guaranteed to stand up to repeated cleaning.

  • Available with a wide choice of fabric colors & sizes

  • Corners and legs are aluminum.

  • Rated up to 250 lbs.

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