"Learn & Play" Training Program

"Learn & Play" program is a customized training program build specifically for your dog. We believe that a happy dog is a fast learning dog, and use  positive training techniques. This makes "Lear & Play" our most popular and sought after program.

How does it works?

You drop your poorly behaving dog at our kennel and pick it up (normally 3 weeks) later well obedient and happy. We evaluate dogs issues and character together with you and build training program depending on your special needs. The length of the program depends on your requests and your dog's level of obedience.


Why does it works for YOU?

ALL dogs finishing this course of training will do those commands:


*Walk on the loose leash beside you (no more pulling!)

*Sit, Down, Stay

*Auto sit when you stop on the walk

*Polite greeting at the door

*Come and sit in front of you

*Sit from Down


*With me and healing



*Positive Crate training


Why does it works for YOUR DOG?

This is a basic obbidience commands will make your pet easy controllable and happier animal. Special needs will be trained by request like not jumping on the people,not stealing from the table, not going true the trash, housebreaking, crate training and etc. Let us know your dogs issues-we will help!!


This is intensive personal training program with great strong results for one of the mane reasons-the dog is living with us for period of time and not only he gets training sessions several times a day but we watching him 24/7 to evaluate his behavior and progress.


The "Learn & Play" success gurentee -

When you come to pick up your graduated student we will go over everything with you, verbal and practice and help you to better understand your best friend. Video's how to work with your dog on different commands in different situations will be provided for you convinience.  We will follow up with you as much as needed. You will get 2-3  private follow up sessions couple weeks after completing the program if more work neded with your dog and your family. Our goal is to teach every member in your family how to have full control of your dog in different situations. In some cases we do half time at our place and a second half at your home. Help and advice over the phone is always available!!














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