The CGC test is acknowledged and utilized by numerous police and animal control agencies. Various therapy and service organizations rely on the CGC as a screening tool for participants and 17 states have passed Canine Good Citizen resolutions. To date a similar program has been started in at least 8 other countries. A CGC certificate is a prerequisite in many places for dogs to be allowed to live in apartments and condos, and many vacation rentals are using it to measure the acceptance of the family dog. The test is non-competitive and consists of 10 exercises done on lead in which the handler is encouraged to talk to their dog.


Our program designed to prepare you and your dog as a team for the test. The dog and handler who can pass the test have confidence in themselves and each other that they can handle what comes along in life whether it be the vets office - or a couple of loose dogs heading in their direction - or a bike cutting in front of them - or the dog having to stay and wait while the handler goes in a store for a few minutes. They are a team that not only works well together but also visibly enjoys each other’s company. They are a pleasure to have around.




Canine Good Citizen preparation for a test

CGC test contains 10 exercises (items) and our program runs 9 weeks (9 lessons), in each lesson we will teach and practice on 1-2 items  and the 10th lesson is a bonus and we will run a full demo to an actual CGC test.


 Cost of this program not include the test itself is 350$


 Dogs not trained by us, trained by other trainers or self trained welcome to test with us. Test done by AKC evaluator Sharon Sintra. Cost 35$. Passed dogs will receive a beautiful rosette



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