About Ivy League Kennel

Located in Hanover MD


Our in home based boarding is owned and operated by our family team, managed by me (Sharon) and my husband (Jamie).We devote our lifestyle with passion to care for animals, dogs and horses the most. I am a professional dog trainer with experience of 18 years, covering a range of different techniques in the dog training and teaching the owners how to train their furry family members to be well behaved. I have many years experience working as a veterinarian assistant and also AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator. Jamie brings with him a lifetime experience in the horse training and helping me with the dogs. Together we open our in home boarding and training for public, to provide you a quality services and to help you to make your dog to be a happier dog. We are proud breeders of a unique Cane Corso dogs.

  Our life is surrounding by gorgeous animals day and night and we been truly blessed to do what we love the most.
Boarding for dogs is in our house and we care for our clients dogs no different then our own.  We provide a comfortable, home-style enviroment with lots of daily exercise and playtime - NO SITTING IN THE KENNEL 20 HOURS A DAY!! You dog is insured to have fun and have non stress happy vacation while you are going to yours. 
The dog will be taking care just like you do!!  Its THEIR HOME away from home!!


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Boarding and training at the same time available also.

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Acupuncture and massage therapy from a veterinarian and fitness conditioning also available 
Place is limited for small amount of dogs as we like to keep a happy healthy pack and do not overload on the animals.


Sharon with happy client's Chihuahua's

Cane Corso Crembo having a fun pool training

Phoenix and Hayley the shnauzers

 Happy minds in Healthy bodies !!!

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