Cane Corso is Italian molosser breed, beautiful and elegant, powerful but gentle with very stable character. Back in the days this dog was used to protect the family (wife and ids while men away for work) and the property, but also to hunt large animals. Corso is very intelligent

and wants to please his master which makes them  easy trainable dogs. Corso loves his family but with natural instinct to be suspicious to a strangers a lot of early socialization is the key to a great dog. All those characteristics made him a popular breed very fast-only 20-30 years ago this breed was counting its tails...


Cane Corso gets alone great with other animals and loves kids, have moderate energy level, easy to groom due to its short hair with very little season shedding.

With all those great characteristic still it a big dog of a WORKING breed, which needs a leader.

Before you decide to bring a puppy home after you read all this good things about the breed make shure research the breed and breeders, make shure you pick a breeder that's will be willing to help you always for life with any issues in the future-health, training and etc.

Visit the breeder-see yourself that the puppies are grown at home and have a socialization with house, adult people and kids.From the day they born till the time of 8-10 weeks when they go to their new homes is the most important time because they learn so much. Talk to the breeder about your lifestyle and your family-good breeder will chose the right puppy for you! If you are very active and like to do sports or want to train your dog to disciplines like agility or IPO the breeder can match you the higher energy puppy. Or the opposite if you live the quiet life style or would like to do the Therapy training with your dog-the more mellow puppy will be the choice.


Understand your expenses. Good proper feeding aren't cheap. Veterinarian visits and emergency can be very costly-we suggest to our buyers to have insurance-we have it on all ours dogs and its very worthy!

There is so much more about corso-THERE IS NO LIFE WITHOUT CORSO!!!

Contact us with any questions! Not only as a buyer-if you want to know more we here to help and educate!



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